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(sofistiké!) proposes professional shootings according to your project needs. As our photographers do love round the world adventures too, (sofistiké!) offers its clients a constantly updated image bank with a choice of unique images of landscapes, backgrounds and multicultural elements.

FPV Quadcopter filming
Ever dreamed of a bird’s eye view of your project? (sofistiké!) offers FPV Quadcopter filming according to your project’s needs. Our FPV Quadcopter flys up to 500 meters but we follow the rule according to the visited country’s regulations (ie. France, Switzerland 150 meters). Technicals facts: wide angle 120° for 1080 progressive, 30 images per second or 170° wide angle for 720 progressive, 60 images per second.


Stunning Views

Serendipity Views

Tasty Encounters